You should never over- or under-inflate a tire as this may cause severe damage to tires and/or rims when accelerating, braking, or cornering. Never use tires with under 19 psi (130kPa). Remember that the proper pressure depends on the type of the race, road surface, conditions, and driver’s needs.


Motorsport tires require special care when being mounted, as the bead must seat perfectly onto the rim without causing any damage. Wheels should be checked for damage or rust before mounting as such items may result in a poor fit that is not airtight. In order to assure that there is no damage to the bead area, you should always have your tires mounted by a certified dealership that knows how to handle tires made for competition. You should always use a mounting machine when changing a tire to prevent unnecessary damage to the tire or wheels. You should always use a safety cage when inflating tires. Failure to do so may result in serious injury. Do not inflate a tire more than 40 psi (275kPa).


Yokohama Motorsports tires are manufactured solely for competition. Although some of the models can be used in public roads, the tires are produced with specially designed patterns and compounds, and they are not suitable for public road use.

Yokohama recommends using Yokohama Motorsports tires only for the intended uses for each pattern. Please remember such tires are made for competition and therefore carry no warranty.


Tire size designation shows normal tread width in mm / overall tire diameter in mm and normal rim diameter in inch (e.g.230/610R17). The dimensions of a competition tire are given as an inflated tire with unloaded conditions.


Keep your tires away from direct sunlight and locations with high temperature, high moisture, heavy electrical machinery, welders, and etc. Tires should preferably be stored in a cool, dry and dark room with a controlled environment.